I can create a unique design just for you – tailoring colour, style and theme to suit your individual needs.

Please see my gallery and some private commissions below:

Artwork for record label: ‘Visionary Hours’

The ‘Visionary Hours’ album, part of the Preserved Sound record label, creates mainly instrumental music combining the sound of strings, guitar, voice and clarinet.  Preserved Sound represents independent musicians from around the world. They asked to use my watercolour tree on their new album.

You can listen to the album here.

My watercolour tree was used on the album cover, as it has a Zen-like feel to it, perfectly reflecting the calm, transcendental mood of the music.


To create the tree, I drew an outline of the shape I wanted, then painted liquid rubber on it, to form a ‘mould’ of sorts. I then filled in the mould with a mix of watercolours, which merged beautifully into eachother. Once dry, I peeled off the surrounding liquid rubber, which left the outline of the tree.

Artwork for music album & CD

I was asked to create a starry-skied scene for Ruth’s new album cover. I listened to the music and saw an image in my mind’s eye, which reflected the ‘feel’ of the music, before painting it.

I used a technique with black ink as the base, and painted the stars, moon and boat (with Ruth inside it) with bleach. The bleach dissolves the ink, leaving an interesting, lighter imprint.  The boat scene was also used as a video animation.

Artwork for music album cover: ‘Sleepwalking’ by Invisible Elephant

The composer asked me to create a dark, stormy sea scene to reflect the intense, edgy music on this album. I used a black ink mono-print technique, creating a dramatic swirling sky and rocky sea.  

‘Sleepwalking’ by Invisible Elephant, is available on Amazon and iTunes.

Hand-painted wedding invitations

Hand-painted lavender flowers were requested for 80 wedding invitations. My client Jo wanted her wedding to be intimate, with a personal, ‘hand-made’ effect. I painted the flowers to the exact style, shade and size Jo wanted, creating a unique style, just for her.