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I’ve had a passion for art, nature and creative exploration since childhood. After studying Literature & Anthropology at university, and working in the communications world for many years, I’m producing artwork on commission, and training as a Graphic Designer.

My second home is Krakow, the medieval heart of Poland, where I lived for four years reconnecting with my roots and family history. There, the cafe, arts and intellectual scene is thriving – with magic and inspiration that fill the air.

I founded ‘Creative Connectors’ – a group of creative thinkers based in SW London, who share ideas, inspirations, and discuss potential collaborative projects.


Diana Walles Art, www.dianawalles.com, nature lover

I am a tree lover!

Independent record label commissions

I’ve been commissioned to do the artwork for the following album covers:


Ruth Blake’s Lullabies for Grown-ups, available on Amazon and iTunes:



Sleepwalking by Invisible Elephant, available on Amazon and iTunes:



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Visionary Hours album, part of the Preserved Sound record label, creates mainly instrumental music combining the sound of strings, guitar, voice and clarinet. Preserved Sound represents independent musicians from around the world:



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Diana Walles, www.dianawalles.com, Art, Krakow









The connection between art, nature and science fascinates me. Art is found in the patterns of nature and science;  and nature’s forms can be seen as art. I love Gaudi’s architecture which is based on nature’s structures and the Fibonacci sequence.

I was taught to question and explore; to develop a curiosity for life and the world – surrounded by a love of medicine, sciences, nature and the arts. My family collected art, and a love of nature must be in my genes; my grandfather discovered how to determine the sex of shells through mathematics and published scientific papers on underwater discoveries. He’d spend days researching in the Natural History Museum archives.

I have an organic approach to my artwork – seeing how it grows and develops is the best part of the process.

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“This alone is to be feared: the closed mind, the sleeping imagination, the death of spirit.” ~ Plato 

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